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Raaga Festival

A joint initiative by Raaga Science, Swara Sudha, and The Mehrangarh Museum Trust. Curated by Artistic Director Ustad Nawab Khan Supported by Theatre Am Faden Germany and the IRAADA Foundation

About the organizers

Raaga Science
Founded in 2019 by Ustad Nawab Khan, Raaga Science is a social initiative “for the artists, by the artists” specializing in the many forms of Indian classical and folk music and dance. Raaga Science seeks to nurture the precious artistic traditions of India by organizing a wide array of special events, charitable work, film productions, and the establishment of music schools.


Swara Sudha Jodhpur
Swara Sudha Jodhpur is a non-profit organization for the preservation, promotion and presentation of Indian classical music, sugam sangeet and classical dance by way of encouraging its participants through concerts, baithaks, lecture demonstrations, workshops, taalim sessions, audio video session, interactive sessions with eminent musicians.

Founded approximately 40 years ago by a group of music enthusiasts with patronage from the Jodhpur royal family and patrons of Jodhpur city. Swara Sudha regularly organizes programs of reputed Indian and foreign musicians and classical dancers, with a mission to provide platforms for the young artist alongside the professionals which is beyond geographical boundaries.

Mehrangarh Museum Trust
Mehrangarh Museum Trust is India’s leading cultural institution and center of excellence, established in 1972 by the 36th Custodian of Marwar- Jodhpur, H. H. Maharaja Gaj Singhji to make the fort come alive for visitors. 
Today Mehrangarh Museum has a unique importance as a repository of the artistic and cultural history of the large area of the central Rajasthan, Marwar-Jodhpur, ruled by the Rathore dynasty.
The Museum displays one of the most important and best-preserved collections of fine and applied arts from the Mughal period of Indian history, during which the Rathore rulers of Jodhpur maintained close links with the Mughal Emperors.

Apart from the Museum, the Trust is at the forefront of conservation and restoration, a generous patron of the arts and music, and a lively center of academic study. Mehrangarh Museum Trust is the recipient of the UNESCO ASIA-PACIFIC Award in the field of Architectural Conservation, Cultural Heritage, and adaptive reuse.


Mr. Nawab Khan 

Born into a family with a long lineage of classical artists, Nawab has a deep love for the music of India. He chooses to walk the road less travelled, with his love for santoor. He became from good to best in a short while and travelled the world with invitations from organisations and royal families. Nawab completed his bachelor’s in music and then learned music healing therapy from Shri Govind Khalla ji & Arvind Pareek ji. He has worked with many great artists during his journey, including Ustaad Ghulfam Mustafa Khan, Ustaad Dastgeer Khan, Ustaad Sharif Ghuzal and many others. He also played along Philip Jacob Carlos Gettezto and George Scott. Nawab has many famous listeners who love his creations and art, expressed through his delicate 100-stringed instrument. Prince Charles, Siya Muslim spiritual leader his highness Aga Khan, Sting, Michel Douglas, Madonna, Kenyan president Kibaki, Liz Hurley and Lora Piana. His work does not stop here he has worked with the music film makers on various documentaries around the world.

Nawab Khan is more than an artist, with a vision not only to entertain but also lead the music industry to another level with all its magical elements known to those who seek. He wants to entertain, heal and educate and use the musical string to connect people globally.

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